Be prepared for Hurricane Season

Officially hurricane Season started this week and it is a good time to prepare ourselves in time. Usually the top of the season is between mid August till end of September but with current climate changes we never know what can happen. So here is a check list that might come useful :

1. Keep in touch with the news and follow weather forecasts and warnings. A good hurricane watch site is 

2. Better be safe than sorry: everyone needs to be prepared for the unexpected.

  • Get or know where to get materials to protect your home in case a warning gets serious. Having shutters is the best, check if they are working well.
  • Clean your gutters so rain can flow without obstructions. Watch your pool level, you might want to lower the level substantially so heavy rainfall doesn't flood your home or garden.
  • Make sure you have enough food and drinking water so you can last a while whithout having to go out.
  • Prepare your flashlights with new batteries in case the power goes out and make sure you have a first aid kit ready.
  • Have a list of emergency numbers at hand. Also prepare an inventory of your house, just in case you have to hand a list to your insurance company, the quickest way is taking pictures. Also store all valuable documents in watertight safe.

3. Set up a network with your friends and family so you know how to find each other in case you have to evacuate your home. Make sure your pets have an ID tag so they can be returned if they get lost. If you are away from home, find somebody who will check on it. 

4. Prepare your car, make sure it is full of fuel and in good working condition in case you have to use it. Cover it up to have a minimum protection against debris.

5. If you have a boat, make sure it is moored in a more protected area such as higher up the river instead of the marina. Stay in touch with marine authorities to get an update on any changing conditions. Have your emergency radios charged and battery packs ready.

6. Trim your bushes and trees, and make sure your palm trees have no coconuts that could fly around.

7. Store your outdoor furniture.

Proper preparation will go a long way in avoiding major trouble !